Mobisol’s solar home systems are ready-to-use and easy to install.

Mobisol easy installation

Mobisol systems are available in four different sizes ranging from 80, 100, 120 to 200 Wp. The smallest unit can e.g. illuminate a medium-sized home with seven LED bulbs as well as power a radio, charge various mobile phones and run a TV for some hours during the day. The largest system powers multiple lights, consumer appliances such as a laptop/TV, a DC refrigerator and charges up to ten mobile phones simultaneously. There is easily enough electricity created each day to run a small business or for Mobisol customers to simply sell or pass on their excess energy to their community.

Mobisol solar home systems come complete with several LED light bulbs, portable lantern, mobile phone charger and balance-of-system components including wiring and switches. The plug’n play Mobisol systems are quickly installed by locally trained and certified Mobisol technicians – simply by using a hammer.

Microfinance vis SMS

Our payment solutions make high-quality solar products affordable.

The perpetually falling costs of solar technology allow for there being more solar products on the market – but they also result in more and more unreliable low-quality solar products being found in local market stalls. Through an innovative payment scheme, Mobisol is able to offer a robust, durable and high quality solar home system to low-income customers.

Our pay-as-you-go instalment method circumvents initial investment hurdles for customers who could previously not afford a high quality solar home system. Using the mobile banking services like M-Pesa, Mobisol’s affordable 36 month instalment plan can be paid off at the customer’s convenience and from almost anywhere. In this way, customers without a personal bank account can purchase a system and, for example, relatives from other locations can help to finance it.

Mobisol Tanzanian technican

Comprehensive after-sales services ensure the longevity of the system.

Mobisol’s solar home system comes complete with a three-year warranty on the battery and a twenty year guarantee on the solar panel. Unlike other solar products on the market the Mobisol system is packaged together with a comprehensive customer service plan. Our technical service teams provide clients with free maintenance and repair throughout the three-year warranty period thereby ensuring the usability and longevity of the system. A toll free service hotline is available for customer enquiries.

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring allows for easy and efficient customer service.

Using the GSM modem included in the solar controller, technical data from the panel and battery is tracked and stored in a web-based database. The remote monitoring technology allows for potential maintenance problems to be addressed swiftly. The IT backend also tracks payment patterns and enables the systems to be locked remotely in case of overdue accounts – thus decreasing the risk of payment default. Client communication is relayed confidentially through SMS with regular maintenance reminders and other important details pertaining to their Mobisol system.


Mobisol business solutions help entrepreneurial customers increase their income.

Mobisol systems are powerful enough to run energy-based services such as a mobile phone charging business, or to power an office laptop or a fridge to cool drinks and groceries to reach further markets.

Mobisol has also designed specific business kits that attach easily to their solar home system. Included in this kit is the necessary appliance as multiple phone charger or a barber’s hair clipper and also includes educational material to help start the business – such as book-keeping essentials. Business kits are also provided with promotional material for the customer with an accompanying poster to hang in front of the shop. Results from the pilot phase have shown that a full one-third of Mobisol customers used their excess electricity to offer some of these services to their communities and generate extra income.

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