Mobisol Akademie – Education Made in Germany

“How to find people trained in solar technology in rural areas?”

This was a major challenge Mobisol faced in its scale-up phase. Our solution: The Mobisol Akademie!

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The Mobisol Akademie – Education Made in Germany is a training institution for local entrepreneurs, contractors and Mobisol staff. The Akademie was created in order to train and equip entrepreneurs working as Mobisol technicians and sales staff and Mobisol employees with the optimal amount of knowledge to effectively service customers and to represent Mobisol as a leader in the sustainable energy industry in East Africa. The training is based on the highest international educational standards and is carried out by a carefully selected and trained local teaching staff.

A professional foundation is a precondition to ensure employees provide comprehensive customer information and education while abiding to all safety standards during the installation process. Only a motivated, dedicated and well-trained team – from the independent sales representatives right up to the management – can guarantee an efficient workflow, strong customer services and ultimately, a sustainable electrification model.

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A Solid Education and Secure Workplace

In early 2014, shortly after market entry in Rwanda, the Mobisol Akademie in Nyamata, Rwanda, was established, and in May of 2014 a second Akademie was founded in Arusha, Tanzania. Future Mobisol Akademies will be established in every project country in order to provide each location with the same level of knowledge and compliance to the high quality standards set by Mobisol.

Training sessions through the Akademie are offered to independent sales representatives and solar technicians. THe institution additionally offers a wide range of continuing education for more senior employees.

Training of Independent Entrepreneurs

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Self-employed entrepreneurs who are planning to work as sales representatives or solar technicians for Mobisol are sent through two weeks of intensive training at the Mobisol Akademie. All trainees are taught the basic knowledge of Mobisol’s sustainable electrification model while preparing for their respective professional fields in specialization modules. Additional practice sessions are taught through a roll-playing format which familiarizes students with standard processes and prepares trainees for common problems out in the field.

Upon completing the theory lessons pupils next go through an intensive field training program where they are immersed in their desired field. After the completion of the full field training and successful exam trainees are then certified as solar technicians or sales representatives with their employment guaranteed as independent subcontractors of Mobisol.

The certification certificate is limited to six months; thereupon a recertification course is to be attended. In this way the acquired knowledge is refreshed while ensuring that all Akademie graduates are continually informed about the most recent technologies and service developments.

Training of Management Positions and Teachers

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The Mobisol Akademie offers tailored-made training courses to train personnel for the positions of Market Hub Operator (operators of Mobisol distribution & sales hubs), Maintenance Technicians and Customer Care Staff. Additional training opportunities are also offered for pre-existent Mobisol employees. Mobisol staff members can, for example, improve their level of knowledge on management processes, receive training to become a Mobisol Akademie instructor and attend language courses – as well as database and IT training.

Training is provided by qualified local instructors who have gone through special and individual instruction courses and whom already have teaching experience and/or many years of professional experience as employees with Mobisol.

The curriculum is developed by the Mobisol Akademie management team in Germany and is strengthened by its close cooperation with local coordinators in Africa. The teams in each country provide focused input for the development of the practice modules and it is here where the rich experiences of local staff and their daily routines in the field is absorbed into the program. In each project country an on-site coordinator is present and responsible for organization and management as well as communication with the team in Germany.

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Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building in Rural Areas

The solar technicians and sales agent trainees are entrepreneurs working within their own respective rural or semi-urban regions at the point of sale. Most are already deeply rooted in their region and can thus effortlessly carry their newly acquired knowledge of modern solar technology, marketing and IT directly to their communities.

Currently twenty candidates are trained every two weeks, attempting to achieve a balanced distribution of women and men. By providing training for young people in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, the Akademie also contributes to the empowerment of rural communities. A professional and practical training also provides local actors with professional and practical with the appropriate resources to take “development” into their own hands.

Download the press release of the inauguration in Arusha:
Press release Inauguration of Mobisol Akademie Tanzania.

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