Since its creation in 2010, Mobisol has installed over 85,000 solar home systems on households in Tanzania and Rwanda in order to tackle the challenge of energy poverty. Clients currently pay off the monthly instalments using their mobile phones. After three years, they fully own their personal electricity source. Our customers have given very positive feedback and have expressed how much their quality of life has improved since owning their solar home system – thus confirming the success and replicability of the business model.

Meet some of our customers


Beatrice Akyoo

With the Mobisol solar home system Beatrice can light up her house for much less money. She can now organize the houshold after dawn and her children have more time to do their homework.
She also earns extra income by charging her neighbours’ mobile phones.

Get to know Beatrice Akyoo and her children.


Dominick Mollel

With the Mobisol solar home system Dominick became free from the local electricity grid with its power outages and can charge 20 to 50 mobile phones a day.
This way, he earns enough money to pay off his instalments for the Mobisol system.

Learn more about Dominick Mollel’s business.


Neema Ayubu

Neema, mother of six children, powers an entertainment system and other appliances with her solar system – but most important for her is to simply have clean and bright lights reliably illuminating her home.
For the first time, she former housewife earns a substantial additional income working as a certified freelance Mobisol Marketing Agent.

Learn more about Neema and her family.


Josephine Mukamurenzi & Alex Rusangiza

Alex and Josephine own a shop selling local products, charges mobile phones and sells beverages in Kanazi cell in rural Rwanda. Since owning a Mobisol system, their income has increased by over 80% – even though they are still paying off the solar home system.

Get to know Alex Rusangiza and his wife Josephine Mukamurenzi.


Ambrose Nyanyusi

With the Mobisol solar home system Ambrose’s family has a clean and reliable source for lighting, which doesn’t harm their children’s health.
Due to the payment plan in instalments, the family can afford the system.

Learn more about Ambrose Nyanyusi.


Mary Siriwa

With the Mobisol solar home system Mary became independent from kerosene.
Her children’s time for studying increased and she feels safe at night.

Get to know Mary Siriwa and her family.


Mahamood Kideghesho

With the Mobisol solar home system Mahamood can illuminate the family’s house and power household and entertainment appliances.
His children’s results at school have greatly improved.

Find out more about Mahamood Kideghesho and his family.

Mobisol technicians

Mobisol provides clean power for thousands of insufficiently served rural communities.

By owning a solar home system low income community members have a reliable energy source – thus raising their standard of living significantly. Users of the Mobisol system no longer have to rely on burning kerosene for light and generators to power appliances and are independent from the volatile market and the rising costs of fossil fuels.

Energy obtained through the solar home system consistently costs customers less per month than they had previously been spending on existing energy sources such as kerosene, candles and car batteries. Constant indoor air pollution from smoky lanterns and noise pollution from diesel generators is replaced with clean, silent solar energy providing families with a healthier and more pleasant living environment.

boy studying with solar lantern02

Access to energy creates socioeconomic opportunities.

The supplied LED fixtures provide a much brighter and more endurable light than that of kerosene lanterns. Accounts from women and children especially have shown that people feel their security has improved since owning a solar home system due to longer lit night hours.

Additionally, through increased numbers of light hours, customers can vastly improve their productivity during the night and early morning hours. Numerous Mobisol customers have expressed delight in seeing their children’s grades significantly rise since having extra time to study at night. Other clients for example used their increased light hours to work in their workshops, at the garage, or to do sewing for customers at night.

solar saloon

Entrepreneurial customers are empowered to start their own businesses.

Records show that more than one-third of Mobisol customers in off-grid regions started a business by selling their excess energy produced each day. Mobisol compliments this enterprising spirit with our “Business out of a Box” feature which enables entrepreneurial customers to set-up income generating activities such as barbershops and phone and lantern charging stations. With our largest model’s capacity to power a refrigerator, Mobisol customers can also sell cool beverages to the community or refrigerate farm produce or medicine.

capacity building

Mobisol furthers capacity building and employment in rural communities.

Training and employing local technicians and marketing staff in rural areas provides job opportunities in regions with regular high unemployment rates. In order to train and equip entrepeneurs working as Mobisol technicians and sales staff as well as all Mobisol employees with optimal knowledge Mobisol has initiated the Mobisol Akademie. Advocating gender mainstreaming, Mobisol notably promotes the employment of female staff. Increasing people’s quality of life in rural communities can contribute to reducing rural-urban migration thereby furthering a positive social and economic development.

house with panel

High-quality solar home systems are of great benefit to the environment.

Mobisol’s low-cost, high-tech solution affords customers the opportunity to own a superior solar unit with high quality components resulting in a long-life system and a more sustainable electrification option. Harvesting the sun’s energy promises clear health benefits to people and the planet. Essentially solar energy is a sustainable, affordable alternative to fossil fuels and a high scale deployment of solar technologies worldwide will contribute conclusively and critically to help reduce global CO2 emissions.


The future looks bright for solar energy in Africa.

The positive response gathered from Mobisol’s pilot projects has led to over 85,000 systems installed in Tanzania and Rwanda so far. In the years to come, Mobisol aspires to reach millions of households in low-income communities – stimulating economic and social development in the project countries while simultaneously contributing to global environmental protection.

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