Mahamood Kideghesho


Mahamood’s story

Before using solar power Mahamood was forced to buy kerosene and candles for lighting his home. He had to travel long distances to a generator-owning shop to recharge his mobile phone’s battery. Furthermore he was dependent on batteries for powering his radio and TV, which are now all running on clean solar energy.

Mahamood now receives extra income out of his new business. Upon receiving his solar system Mahamood distributed flyers advertising his phone charging business, a service he runs from his corner shop, which is now lit by an efficient LED light bulb. Now he charges about ten phones a day for customers in the neighbourhood who previously had to rely on generator-produced electricity as well.

By using the Mobisol system he is not only saving valuable time and money but is also able to generate extra income that he is using to pay off his monthly instalments for the system.
Since the children can also study at night their results in school have improved significantly.
Mahamood and his wife have two children, one of them studying at the local secondary school. Prior to receiving her Mobisol system the children used an unhealthy kerosene lamp for homework or candles for reading and studying time was limited to the family’s ability to pay for these traditional means of lighting.

Mobisol technology has truly improved his quality of life. Apart from providing his family of four with energy for their basic needs, the 200Wp system is sufficient to meet their electricity requirements for entertainment, such as radio, television and the occasional family movie night on their DVD player. Mahamood is very glad for the affordable pay-as-you-go instalments method, since he would have not been able to afford the high upfront costs of existing solar home systems.