Dominick Joseph Mollel


Dominick’s story

Dominick is a successful shop owner and entrepreneur in Lolovono. Unlike many other Mobisol customers, he is already connected to the electricity grid, but would like to be independent of the local electricity company and their frequent power outages.

With his 200Wp system Dominick is not only lighting his shop, but is also charging twenty to fifty phones per day. Dominick’s extra income from charging phones alone is sufficient for him to pay off the monthly instalments for the Mobisol solar system.

Furthermore, his grid electricity bill decreased significantly enough to allow him to put money aside for future investments. One of these investments is the upgrade of his sports cinema – an already profitable business activity.
In the future, Dominick would like to fully rely on solar power to fulfil his businesses electricity requirements by providing him with a clean, reliable source of energy that is much more cost-effective in the long term.
Dominick is a good example for the potentially large commercial benefits a solar home system like Mobisol’s can provide to its customers. Currently he is exploring further business opportunities to help him gain the most of his solar system.