Beatrice Akyoo


Beatrice’s story

Beatrice is a hairdresser. She is working at a hairdresser’s shop in Lolovono and has three children who go to primary school.
Before she had a solar home system their day practically ended with the sunset.

The kerosene lamps didn’t send out very much light and the fuel is very expensive so that they would just put the lamp on when they really needed it.
With her Mobisol solar home system Beatrice can affordably light up her house and now the working single mother can use the time after sunset to help her to organize the household. Furthermore her children have more time for their homework.
To earn some extra money with the electricity the solar system produces she charges the mobile phone’s batteries in the neighbourhood. Beatrice saves this money for the education of her children.
If Beatrice had to pay for the solar home system all at once, she never would have been able to afford such a device. But the Mobisol pay-as-you-go solution makes it affordable for Beatrice with her low income. Now she is considering having a bigger system so that she could charge more mobile phones and save even more money.