Aug. 16, 2017

Mobisol’s TVs listed as finalists in the 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards

Today, this year’s Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists were announced. Every year, outstanding appliances are being acknowledged for their performance, quality, and off-grid appropriateness. The Global LEAP Awards is an international competition that identifies the world’s best, most energy-efficient off-grid appliances. The Global LEAP Awards provide clear and actionable signals about the quality and energy performance of off-grid appliances.

In the previous year, Mobisol’s 19’’, 24’’ and 32’’ LED TVs were included in the buyers’ guide for off-grid TVs as Finalists in the program. This time, Mobisol was again featured as Finalist in the buyer’s guide in the large and extra large TV categories, and additionally submitted its innovative, all-in-one 22’’ Solar TV System for the medium size range – also listed as Finalist. Only recently, the product had been introduced to the market in Tanzania and Rwanda.

The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) is the Clean Energy Ministerial’s energy access initiative, and is led by the U.S. Department of Energy. Global LEAP was launched as a commitment to the Sustainable Energy for All campaign, and its programs and initiatives support the growth of sustainable commercial clean energy access markets throughout the developing world.

In order to foster the sale of outstanding appliances, the Global LEAP off-grid appliance procurement incentives program will provide incentives to early-mover off-grid solar companies that procure and sell best-in-class Global LEAP Awards appliances.